A complete one-stop solution for your marketing needs

At Final Graphic, we offer all the services necessary for a successful company to grow. From the planning stages to the design process to translation and publishing. Here is a brief description of all the categories of services we provide.

Graphic Design

We take a minimalist approach to design. We avoid all the costly bells and whistles that do not work to engage and don't drive sales. We do use proven design technicques well-known in print media. We fuse our print media experience with current market research. In this way save you money and improve the effectiveness of your content.


In order to expand the reach of your advertising, we offer translation into more than 180 languages. We employ only the best translators in their area of expertise. Be it legal, medical, general, technical or any of the specializations required, Final Graphic has a translator for you.

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

You may want to use your own translation or you may be a translation agency. If you are looking for a professional, affordable and reliable DTP vendor to take those larger or complex projects your in-house team is too busy to handle. We offer very competitive trade rates to our partners. We can work with your budget.


We can create and translate your multimedia training presentations using the latest Adobe and Articulate software. Training is much easier with clear, fun and engaging content.

Voice-Over and Subtitling

Bring us your videos for fast, accurate and painless translation. We can add clear and similiar voices in foreign languages to your video to save you time and the cost of re-shooting the video. When voice is not an option, we can add subtitles as needed.


We can work with your printer, ensure a trouble-free printing handoff. We have also negotiated with some of the largest printers in the country. We have some of the lowest rates.