Desktop Publishing

Great desktop publishing will deliver documents that look better

After translation, how will you get your documents to continue the look and feel the way you worked so hard to accomplish? The answer is multilingual desktop publishing (DTP).

Mulilingual DTP allows your original content to maintain its appearance across translation. Most documents today are not created with translation in mind. Did you know that, on average, text will increase by 30% after translation into Spanish. Some languages will grow by as much as 50%! You can see that may be a problem for most documents today. Not to mention the font requirements or special software to accomodate some languages. How do we handle that?

At Final Graphic, we have considerable experience with multilingual DTP and have developed procudures that work. We will use leading, kerning, and sizing adjustments to fit your copy and get your content looking great without affecting readability. No, we don't just reduce type. We know reducing the type too much will make your document useless or, in the case of contracts, illegal. We will also work with the translator or editor to solve issues that cannot be resolved with tweaking alone. Send us your document. We will evalutate it for free and quote on it so you can compare our rates and benefits.

Needless to say, we support all major software and platforms. From Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, FrameMaker to QuarkXpress, Word, Publisher or Core, we got you covered.

508 Compliance

The federal government has stablished a set of laws that affect document accessibility called Section 508. If your documents need to pass 508 compliance, give us a call. We have been working on compliance since the inception of Section 508. Our tools and techniques will provide an easy and hassle-free compliance process. Are you having trouble passing the 508 compliance test? Give us a call, we can help.

ITAR Projects

The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) are laws set in place to control the trade of military and sensitive products and services. Working with these require clearance to do so by the federal government. We can work on ITAR projects for you and have all the necessary clearances. Please call us to discuss your project.