Accurate translations that get your message across

Final Graphic combines a rigorous selection process, the latest in computer assisted translation technology (CAT) and native language speakers to deliver the best possible translation.


Our translators are not just native speakers but experts in the field they translate in. They have years of experiece working in these fields themselves and maintain close contacts in them. Projects are paired with translators that match the subject matter. A translation team is then formed around the project that will ensure that the translation is accurate, clear, and easy to read.

When other services, like Desktop Publishing (DTP) are also required, our translators will work closely with the typesetters to produce a better document. The result are documents that are easier to read, easier to understand and easier to follow.

Computer Assisted Translation

Words and phrases define the written identity of a company or process. These messages have to be delivered consistently to the reader even after translation. Our use of computer assisted translation (CAT) tools, ensures these key phrases are translated accurately and consistently throughout the project. What's more, translations that are often used in your documents are saved in a database and re-used in subsequent documents. The rates for these translation are much lower than a normal new translation. The results are considerable savings and improved quality!

There is a variety of CAT tools in use today. Each has advantages in the area it covers. We support most of them including the three most popular (SDLX Trados, MemoQ and Déjà Vu) to ensure compatibility with our clients and translators. If you have already invested in a translation memory and would like to use it, please let us know. We will probably be able to use it and help you save.

Native Speakers

Native speakers give your documents many advantages. First, they have strong connections to their culture. When they translate, they are using current vocabulary and phrases that resonate with the community you are tryig to reach. Their translations are more natural and don't appear computer generated or uninteresting. They will also catch mistakes and have better ways of explaining ideas to their community. For these and other reasons we will select only native speakers for translation projects.