Voice-Over and Subtitling

Give your message a voice in any language

Do you have a message from the president of you company that all employees must see and hear? No problem. We can give your message a voice using some of the best voice-over (VO) talents available. We can match a voice that will faithfully deliver the information the way you intended it, and also the accurate message.

Make that connection with your staff, your customers and vendors by making sure they understand you. We can transcribe your message, give it a voice that accurately conveys meaning and intent, and subtitles to make sure all viewers can comprehend.

Did you know there is a limit to how many characters and how quickly the human brain can read and decypher text? We can work with all major software using industry standards to make sure viewers have time to read and process the information in subtitles. If you have videos you want to translate, give us a call and experience the difference.